четверг, 22 марта 2012 г.

Still Low Prices - April

Hello Car Hire Seekers!

The start of April marks the last month of cheap car hire prices. If you tried to get a car hire during the summer (especially for Spain, France, Italy or UK) you discovered that the prices are very expensive. Another problem you may have encountered is that there was a shortage of available car hires. The summer months in Europe are easily the most popular time for people to go on holiday and the car hire companies know this. They raise the price at least 30% for this peak car hire season. It is next to impossible to find a car hire given short notice during the summer months. The only way to overcome this problem is to reserve a summer car hire at least 2 months in advance or to choose a different season for car hire traveling. I would opt for the latter. The best way to find cheap car hire is through a brokerage company.GetRentalCar.com, Orbits and Europcar had the best prices for car hire in October. Since there is a surplus of cars now, you should have no problem confirming a reservation.

The spring months in Europe are really beautiful and the car hire prices are still cheap. The off season tourist months also allow you to find a car hire on short notice. It is basically impossible to get a car hire in the height of summer for a spontaneous holiday. However, the autumn is the perfect time to let your impulses take over. The new budget airline deals mean you can make holiday decisions on the spur of the moment. The problem is that the car hire companies will not have vehicles in the summer. The good news is that off season holidays mean you will easily find a cheap car hire for the destination of your choice. Treat yourself to a great European holiday in the off season and save yourself some money and stress.

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